Over Dublin's Rooftops. Poem by Sandra Kavanagh Josefsson

Over Dublin's Rooftops.

Rating: 4.8

Over Dublin's Rooftops,
I see St Michan's Church,
and the Liffey to its right.
I see the tower of Irish Whiskey
as it overlooks fondly on Smithfield
with its cobblestones and lamps so tall.
I see the four Courts all in grey and the
top of the Dublin Mountains on this clear day.

And as I look to the other side I see the road
that leads to my old home.
When I walk up there,
ghosts of my former life run past me
ever so swiftly.
Things are not the same
and it often feels empty,
when you cannot go home
and have a chat with your nearest and dearest.
They are long gone but the memories remain.
Still nothing is the same.

Over Dublin's rooftops we hear the chiming of the bell.
Which brings back memories of Sunday Mass and a visit to Granny, before heading home for roast dinner and icecream and jelly.

When I think back now,
Life was easy and simple,
less stress than it is today.
And we never really appreciate
what we have, until it is sadly taken away.

Verse: Sandra Kavanagh (c)

Sylvia Frances Chan 19 November 2021

In this forrest of Poem HUnter I have come across your lovely poem about homesickness and other stories of yesteryear, it's oft we appreciate things of the past when we are not there anymore. LOveliest worded 5 Stars full on Top

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James G Brennan 14 May 2020

Very enjoyable Sandra, a good mix of sadness and joy remembering fondly of yesterday.

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Sandra Josefsson 16 May 2020

Thank you James.

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Sandra Josefsson 16 May 2020

Thank you James. Much appreciated.

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Jazib Kamalvi 14 May 2020

Such a nice poem, Sandra Kavanagh. Read my poem, Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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Sandra Josefsson 16 May 2020

Thank you Jazib.

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