The Other Side Of Me

The other side of me
Ladies and Gentlemen: let me tell you
There is other side of me
Nobody understand it unless I show him that side of me
That side of me is very hideous
It cannot be seen in my eyes, or in my face or my documents
You can sick it in up and down or even in the evening but you can never get it

The other side of me is like a key without pin code
It is more than the locked door itself
It has three themes

Live love and tolerate
There is another three themes of it
Love, live and tolerate
There is another three themes of it
Tolerate, live and love

There is another theme of it
Live life, love life and tolerate life
Hello My name is Soul
I am the driver of your life beyond the resurrection
I am the one who knows your final destination
Please carry me to church every Sunday
All the things that make you happy are not happy me

But once you touch the name holly spirit I begin to move
Move me to the area where I can get pastor
Move me to the area where there is evangelist
It the fire where you are from
I know where I am going to
Please relieve me before I release you
Let me get happiness and gleeful as the other spirit shine and applause the throne and worthy of the name Lord Jesus Christ
How can you feel that it Xmas other kids eat cakes and nectar and you are arrested

Well that the life you give me for not bringing me to Church
I am the soul and I am dating million, million year to earth evolution
I am the made and image of Lord
I know what makes God happy and I also know what determines his anger
I am the proponent of Lord
I am purified, and given everlasting life gift
Why you loose me
Why you carry me when you go to steal
Why you teach me jealousy
Why you pollute me by raping other people
I am the soul and I know between right and wrong
Please make a decision today
Please make a decision today
Decision that shall make me to remember when you
To remember you when your power of flesh and culprit has been overcome
When the power of demons and Satan miracles has come to end

That you were trying by all far means to be a sun of God
I don’t know whether people understand that I am given crown and right to award them
If you have never awarded God on earth, then I shall perform no miracles to award you
But for those who love God it shall be the same as what I have done to Lord Jesus Christ
People don’t be fool
Christ told you
I have come to the earth to let you know about the way and path to Heaven
Heaven is now open but its gates are even smaller to the needle.
But for I Lord Jesus Christ has started it; it is far easier for you to gain your resurrection
So why you choose to seek me over mountains
When do you live your idiolations and picture that you call Gods?
Your forefathers in Egypt had have enough of sins and pictures
They cried for several years asking for God’s mercy
I gave them... I sent Moses
So why don’t you remember

Why are you very prone and willing to remember easiest far difficult things and forget easiest things
When the way of Lord is closed to you
And your souls fail to award you with a crown of resurrection
Don’t ever Blame God and even Jesus Christ
But blame your self
For you will lie there in the grave until Day of Judgment
Where the almighty will come with love, fire and storm
Be afraid because it a huge storm which is capable of ending person and even his spirit
But I am crying for those spirits which shall be punished because of my stupidity

Heaven is yet a long walk but is coming now now

And the good thing about it is that it begins with you

God Bless
Amen Amen Amen

Until we meet again in Heaven

Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 17, 2009

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