Jennifer Liguori

The Other Side Of Crazy - Poem by Jennifer Liguori

This child, you can see that he's gifted;
He is a prodigy.
But, his soul, has it been lifted
From the other side of crazy?

That clouded, muddied window
From which genius tries to escape.
But in spite of all of his efforts,
One may wonder if he shall be spared.

It has been said that artistic genius
Often goes hand in hand
With a descent into madness,
And this we may never understand.

So, will he endure such a fate?
Is this his destiny?
Is he resigned to stay
In the other side of crazy?

Some, they are the special ones
Whose talents we are in awe of?
Some, they are the daughters and sons
Of madness and it's offspring.

This child, though he is amazing,
We pray he does not fall victim
To the other side of crazy.
And all of it's tortured wisdom.

This child, he is at the edge,
Trying desperately to hold on
To the faculties he has been sent;
To the gifts with which he was born.

This child, I wonder if he knows;
Could he possibly suspect
That with the great ones who've gone before,
It is he that may be next?

But those, like him, cannot see
Just where the line has been blurred.
Those, like him, they may be
The greatest madmen of this world.

And so, what once had been
An entirely separate entity
Has melted once again
Into the other side of crazy.

For his genius, there is a price.
So this child, he has gone the way
Of those whose minds had been sacrificed
To the other side of crazy.


Poet's Notes about The Poem

(Dedicated to all of the great minds and artists that have sacrificed their own happiness, peace of mind - and even their lives - if only to enrich ours.)

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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