Jennifer Liguori

The People's Poet - Poem by Jennifer Liguori

I call myself the People's Poet.
I'll be the one to cart the sign.
I will join the people's voice;
I will address these troubled times.

If I can, I'll gain attention
From apathetic minds that claim
That they care, but do not share
Our vision where compassion reigns.

If those in power have forsaken
Those of us who took them there,
I will call upon myself
To let them know we are aware.

Aware of all the corners cut;
Of obligatory lies,
Made to please and to appease
The masses thirst for quieter times.

But promise of a calm existence
Does not constitute a trade
Of our rights and of our freedoms
So quiet life may be obtained.

Know this - we acquiesce to nothing.
Our sovereignty is not for sale.
I call myself the People's Poet.
It is my duty to unveil

The realities that lay behind
The smoky mask adorned by those
who constantly fear the smoke will clear
And we shall see the lies they've told.

But do we not all have a hand
In what becomes a mockery
Of leadership and all of it's
Power-hungry propensity.

Who's the scapegoat? Who do we blame?
Who do we pin our problems on?
Who do we fear? Who do we jeer?
On whose shoulders do we climb on?

The source of our problems cannot be found
On any name on a ballot.
Why are they here? Who put them there?
I ask, as the People's Poet.

I do not have the answers;
And I do not hold the key.
I want only your attention,
And perhaps I can make you see.

That the weight of the world does not rest
On the shoulders of any one man.
This burden is shared by all,
And bear it we must, if we can.

I call myself the People's Poet,
And I have a question for you.
"People, my people, are you listening?
Do you not have a question, too? "

Beware of power of the few,
For corruption is the affliction.
Because people, my people, we are the ones
That feed that very addiction.

We feed if through our apathy;
Our feeble will grows idle.
Unless we manage to seek and challenge,
Then for change we can never unbridle.

So how do we combat the evil?
Just how can we set things right?
The way lies not in our inaction;
The way is that we join the fight.

In the now we must make ourselves heard;
Unity has the loudest voice.
Nothing is stronger than standing together.
Sometimes peace requires some noise.

‘Neath the sly, political games
That so many play to win,
Lay the fragile, human heart
They've discarded to take part in.

Because its there, we must persist;
Our souls we must exhume.
Always we have to keep the earth moving
If anything is to bloom.

Sooner or later, the time will come
When we must all open our eyes,
When we must all open our ears;
A time to act, and to sympathize.

Is there any other way
To survive an imperfect world?
Should you relinquish your values,
Absolve your morals, and join the herd?

To what do you turn a blind eye?
Just what do you choose to ignore?
Could it be the very thing
that has now taken the floor?

Yes, I am the People's Poet.
This world is my black and white.
I need to see it, touch it, feel it,
If, about it, I can write.

Hands together, eyes ahead;
Its time to take that leap of faith.
Its time to trust in man's compassion;
Retrieve the ones who've gone astray.

In our bodies, in our minds;
That is where we must begin.
Our world, this world, is how we make it;
Our world, this world, must rise again.

If our tears remain in private.
If weakness means we cannot feel,
Then, my people, should we not show
That weak takes strength for us to reveal

The artificial light that hides
The darkness in our hearts and souls.
But underneath the debauchery
Lay seeds of hope that can be grown.

Ask yourself what kind of world
Do you wish to be a part of.
One described merely as a farce,
Or one described as just.

Perfection can never be the goal;
Utopia is only a myth.
Hope find it's roots in reality.
Honor and faith, I speak of this.

I will be the People's Poet,
But I am not the only one
Who thirsts for what our founding fathers
Fought for, died for, and finally won. 

Comments about The People's Poet by Jennifer Liguori

  • Ace Of Black Hearts (1/27/2013 10:49:00 AM)

    Indeed we are all the peoples poet.
    Not as a group but as individuals.
    Seeking to be heard.
    A chance to change the world.

    Good Poem, Cheers :)
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  • Valerie Dohren (1/27/2013 10:37:00 AM)

    Great poem - somewhat lengthy but says it all. (Report) Reply

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