The Perfect Day Poem by Brie Carter

The Perfect Day

It's the first time I have been over to his house.
I am nervous when he picks me up
A strange truck comes down the road
I whisper to myself
'He's going to be the only redneck that comes down my road'
I laugh
He has a Dukes of Hazzard horn
It blasts
I laugh as he pulls in the driveway.
I just look at him
'What? ' He says.
Nothing. I whisper
I am nervous.
I have only had a crush on this guy for about....
All year.
We finally get to his house
And I meet his mom
She is not very talkitive
Or does she not like me...
I don't know....
He sits down at his computer and scans it
It has a virus.
I just stand there....he tells me to sit
I'm fine
He takes his hands and puts them on my waist and turns me around
He sits me on his knee.
I start to shake I am so nervous.
He notices.
He stands up and walks out of the room
I follow
He walks outside and walks into a shed
I still follow
When we get in there he stands and leans on a wall
I walk over and he pulls me close.
My knees fell like jell-o.
He whispers in my ear,
A little, I whisper back.
I feel like I am going to pass out
I hope this moment never ends.
He then takes his hands and grabs mine
He puts them around his neck
His move softly down my body to may waist
I start to shake again
We laugh and look at each other straight in the eyes
He kisses me.
I freeze.
I am frozen in the moment.
My legs almost give but I catch myself
I pull away.
I ruin the moment and look down.
Sorry, I say quietly
No, he says. He pulls my face close
And kisses me again.
He looks at me again and says I'm sorry.
He pulls me closer.
But before long time is up
Time for me to go home
He drives me
I get out say good bye.
He drives out of sight.
The end of a perfect day.

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