Angel In Heaven Poem by Brie Carter

Angel In Heaven

Rating: 5.0

One night as I sat beneath a tree
I cried to our dear Lord above
I looked up into the open sky and hoped he'd answer me
Lord I'm lost, I've traveled far but I still seem to roam
Please light the way and lead me back home

I told Him of my burdens
And of the everlasting sadness in my heart
That from his lost love I never felt so apart
Why did you take my grandad, Lord?
I just can not comprehend why
No longer can I touch his face or hold his hand
His loving smile has gone

I'm angry, Lord
I'm missing him like mad
I drowning in my greif and sorrow
Please help me heal my sad

It was then I heard his gentle voice
And felt his presence near
How I longed for him to stay
As I cried another tear

He said, 'I'm an angel now
My spirit is free
I am an angel in heaven
So please don't cry for me
I was chosen by our Lord above and now I am in his care
When you need me look inside your heart
I promise I'll be there
I am an angel in heaven now
So if you can not find your way
or the road home just seems to far
Look to the sky, I'll be your guiding star'
He said, 'I'm an angel now
My spirit is free
I'ma n angel in heaven now
No need to cry for me.'

Tia Maria 03 October 2008

that is so beautiful .... :) 10

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Ryan Thompson 08 October 2008

that was so beautiful i loved it -ryan

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so lovely and true, thanks for sharing 10

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Mimzy Sue 01 November 2008

this is awsome, sad and touching poem. Sorry for your loss. It's not easy to lose our loved ones. Though i never got the chance to hold my grandfather, even he's chosen to be an angel but a li'l too soon.

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Reshma Ramesh 07 December 2008

well penned...........keep the faith...............

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awwww.....i really like this.....great poem. very sweet ending! keep it up!

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~ Evelina Kononenko ~ 26 June 2009

awwww.......... very sad poem but i loved it its very asome that you have jesus on your side asome i have him on my side too. keep it up i give you 10/10 good job.

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he read this every day and he says what I say precious child of mine no need to moan an whine for pain is absent of me and my old eyes do see Walk i can, even run I'm in the light of the son so take a break and smile it's this i do wish my child i look o'er you each day I'm the footstep along the way.

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Tessa Richardson 30 January 2009

great poem =) you're lucky he answered you... I stopped trying with god, he never answered me. I worship someone else now but i give you 10/10 =)

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Sarah Holmes 16 December 2008

Another well written poem. you have a beautiful way with words. Sorry for your loss. God Bless x

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