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Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops

War Means death
War Means destruction
War Means fire
War Means bombing

Because you’re Beautiful
This poem’s addressed
To you
Because you’re beautiful

I look through the window and see in the skies
The beautiful blueness of your beautiful eyes

I look at the bark of a tree and the brown I see there

For you I would climb
The highest mountain peak
Swim the deepest ocean
Your love I do seek.

She cuts her wrists so beautifully,
Right to the bone,
She does this each and every night,
When she's all alone.


Have you ever read a book
That made you feel good
About things you have in life
Or made you feel you could?

One night as I sat beneath a tree
I cried to our dear Lord above
I looked up into the open sky and hoped he'd answer me
Lord I'm lost, I've traveled far but I still seem to roam

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,

The last day of school;
It wasn't that coo
Alot of tears
And memories of all the years

Girl meets Boy
Girl falls in love
Boy falls in love with Girl's Friend
Friend goes out with Boy

Hush, little sister
Please don't cry
I wish I could be there
To sing you a lullaby

Upon the stairway of despair,
Complete with broken love affairs
And promises that never came,
But faded with a touch of shame,

The Freshman girl, oh, so shy,
Sits and watches the Sophomore guy,
The Sophomore guy, his head in a whirl,
Sits and watches the Junior girl,

Miles had his head down on his desk.
He was the meanest brute
His head’s down on his desk so much
It began taking root.

(a song i wrote)
Every time I look at you
You always look so beautiful
Driving on the road again

Thanks to you
I can no longer open up and let my guard down
Thanks to you
I wonderif the next man I meet will be online fooling around

I'll stop loving you
When diamonds don't sparkle
And flowers cease to grow
When thunder doesn't echo


He gave me a note
The day after the call
He says that he likes me
Too much to give up

Stars revolving in the dark fabric of the night above
Moonlight trickling through the curtains
My cries shatter the hazy veil of dreams

Brie Carter Biography

Hi. Umm...I am in high school now and a lot of emotions are going around and everything changes as we mature so I guess this is how I deal with everything. I get kinda bored sometimes and I write about random things. (Hints the retarded ones) . My favorite movies are scary ones that have pretty messed up endings. Like, Knowing (! ! !) That was an awesome movie. (Spoiler) -> When the world ends, that is the bomb. Lol. I like movies like that. My favorite books a the moment have to be the House of Night Series. Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, and Hunted. Those are the ones that are out at the moment. They are AMAZING. They ARE about vampires but it totally opposite from Twilight, which is good because I don't think I could handle another book series about SPARKLING VAMPIRES...That is ridiculous. They are supposed to explode! ! Haha. Anyway, anything else; just wanna talk? Message me..)

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Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops
Cover Girl, Naughty Girl, Jazzy Girl sings
Phat Girl, Ghetto Girl, Bling Girl blings
Sassy Girl, Cool Girl, Girly Girl rocks
Mama's Girl, Daddy's Girl, Wild Girl stocks
Strong Girl, Sister Girl, Church Girl preach
Flower Girl, Black Girl, American Girl reach
Thick Girl, School Girl, Smart Girl moves
Bad Girl, Spoiled Girl, Moody Girl grooves
God's Girl, Quiet Girl, Sweet Girl blessed
Beautiful Girl, Young Girl, Talented Girl impressed
Prom Girl, City Girl, Business Girl works
Play Girl, Outgoing Girl, Dance Girl tworks
Lavish Girl, Promiscuous Girl, Anonymous Girl rolls
Country Girl, Island Girl, Bobby V's Girl controls

Brie Carter Comments

Donall Dempsey 07 October 2008

Cool is the rule...keep writing those offshoots of your imagination! I like...lots! love Dónall Dónall

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Adam 18 March 2022

Hi, did you write the poem, First Step? Looking to get in contact with you in order to get permission to recite it at a competition. Our timeline is fast approaching.

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Charles Horton 10 June 2016

Hello, Brie,2 other poets beside you are listed on the site as author of What Makes a Dad. John Masaitis and Innocent Timburwa. Can you tell me who actually wrote it? Thanks, Charles Horton

2 1 Reply
Kathleen Stead 07 May 2014

I really like your poems, they're really really good, please keep writing

1 0 Reply

she, Brie............ is bubbling with Talent. let it out! !

5 3 Reply
Ian Singer 24 November 2008

i don't see why you call your self an outcast no outcast has the writing talltent like yours

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