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The Perfume... - Poem by Rishi Thakkar

The perfume...

Once upon a time is how many stories begin..
This time I thought how bout a poem telling a story within..

A story about a beautiful happening
Little something which attracts my minds thinking...

It was a misty morning of winter month..
As i had an award to collect in front of a full house of fellow friends n business front..

Dressed in crisp white shirt and black trousers I went..
Complimenting a midnight blue suite and a bright red tie..
I wanted to look best for the day when my loved ones with happiness also cried..

As i walked inside the hotel gateway..
I sensed an intense smell a perfume that made my heart insane..
The smell was soothing refreshing and heart warming
Where did it came from my eyes kept wandering.
It was not screeching loud it was neither subtle n soft..
It was a smell that appealed me on that very spot.
I wished to find out the owner who had such a bright taste..
But then I remember I'm punctual fr my speech I couldn't be late
I reached the space reserved for me and had to wait.
Oh I so wish I should've searched more n could've afford to be lille late...
Then my eyes fell upon this mistress dressed in the lovely red saree..
She sported a naturally white complexion combined with the naturally brown eyes..
I noticed her earrings long n shinning I observed her shy smile.
She had a natural glow her skin seemed so uniquely smooth and bright..
My heart skipped a beat and told me she's the one the beholder of the magic smell
I wish to go near her and talk..
Maybe notice more maybe take with her a lille walk..
Intuition served me right I hoped
And prayed..
Then my name was announced and I had to go to the podium n speech I had to make...
As i finished the emotional moment that was supposed to be..
My heart wanted me to rush through this moment so I could find the perfume bearer..
Why is it that u wish n hope it's someone who looks prettier..
As i got down from the stage to my surprise she was thr with a bouquet..
Looking into her eyes which mesmerised..
The combination f her beauty n the smell every man could fantasise..
I finally got my chance to be with her and spoke to her alone...
Thankfully it happened otherwise in quest for the smell I would have mourned..
Was it her the smell was thr but light..
But the heart kept on telling me it's her the perfume f hers it must be right...
After a few mins she had to leave
But the magic f the perfume was unbelievably in my life weaved..
I observed even after she went away
The smell with me was always there
The smell still stayed..
And then I sneezed excuse me
Took out my handkerchief and ohh...
As i took it out thr was a sudden splurge..
Splurge of the very smell that has made me crazy..
It was from my own handkerchief
Oh what an irony..
It was the same reason the girl came to greet..
She was a stranger to me but again the smell of perfume was even what made it her fantacy..
As i reached home It came to notice..
It was a gift by my dad...
A special perfume for special day the most special fragrance I've ever had...
I remember and laugh about the heart and it's fantasies..
Of how a small perfume could make an evening so full of anti climax n mystery..

Topic(s) of this poem: funny

Comments about The Perfume... by Rishi Thakkar

  • Mithilesh Yadav (1/30/2016 11:12:00 AM)

    It was from my own handkerchief
    Oh what an irony..
    It was the same reason the girl came to greet..
    She was a stranger to me but again the smell of perfume was even what made it her fantacy..

    Well penned........ Funny on a serious note.... Grrt
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  • Kavya . (1/28/2016 3:29:00 AM)

    a v nice story...was it the perfume of the attractive lady that attracted you the most, but most of it, your day ended on a happy note. Good work! (Report) Reply

  • Abhilasha Bhatt (1/21/2016 4:30:00 AM)

    Wow....a beautiful, sweet and lovely story in the form of poem....beautifully narrated...loved the story...thank u for sharing :) (Report) Reply

  • Kumarmani Mahakul (1/21/2016 3:26:00 AM)

    Little something which attracts my mind's thinking...is definitely very interesting and amazing. Marvelous poem shared on. Wise drafting.10 (Report) Reply

    Rishi Thakkar Rishi Thakkar (1/21/2016 3:32:00 AM)

    Thank u sir..hope u enjoyed the anti climax

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