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Abhilasha Bhatt is an Indian author. Belongs to the heavenly Uttarakhand, brought up in Delhi, and currently living in UAE. A keen writer, authored three books, and written above two thousand of poems. An Engineering graduate. Professionally a Digital Marketing Executive, Web Designer and Developer. All the books are available on amazon.

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Life...A Song

Life is nothing
But a song
song of sorrows
song of happiness

Life Is Like College..

Life is like college
Which have
A start with
A party for freshers

Kbhi Agar Aisa Ho To Kya Ho..

Tum jab dhundho hamain
Aur hum na milain
Kbhi aisa agar ho to Kya ho
Tum jab awaaz do hamain


Evil term is the term of terrorism
Darkest word is the word of terrorism
Spreading fear all over the world is the work of terrorism
Bombing, hijacking are business of terrorism


Ye tanhai jo faaili hai door tak
Mere ujde hue nakshon ka sabab hai ek
Ye teeke teer se bhede shabdon ka guldasta hai
Jinki kamaan geron k Nhi apnon k hathon main hi thi

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Rishi Thakkar 05 January 2016

Your writings come across as extremely heartfelt emotions of grief, happiness, pain loneliness betrayal. It's a very difficult niche to master and quite magnificently you do so Especially with the 3 to 4 letter lines which contain every drop of emotion which a reader can relate to in the strongest of manners. If thr is a poet rating I'm most of us at this forum would agree to give u a 10. However as a reader I would also want some happy mood poems Of love happiness and laughter for those who can feel the pain and grief f emotions can always have so much love and affection in thr hearts to express joy and happiness as well. Stay blessed be a happy soul friend. Keep the pen as ur best friend for it will remain loyal to a writer. Regards

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M Asim Nehal 28 February 2016

Abhi, She is a versatile poetess Like her name she ignites desire to read Her beautiful poems On love, life, relationships Nature and surroundings She is one of my favourite poets on this site To write such thoughtful poems At this tender age is itself a wishful thinking She writes with passion (Junoon) I wish her Good luck for everything in life And pray to Almighty to increase her writing power (Ameen) Like “ Ek Pushp ki Abhilasha” Ek Kavi ki Abhilasha hai ki Woh likhte rahen aur hum padhte rahe Silsile yun hi sada ko chalet rahen

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Mithilesh Yadav 25 February 2016

Milna bichadna, pyar nafrat, maut jindagi, ...... sab kudrat ka tamasha hai......... inko khubsoorat moti bana key jo piroye bhavna key kalam sey wo Abhilasha hai............

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Aarzoo Mehek 24 February 2016

Sweet and bubbly girl who is far too mature then her age, her poems reflects emotions, she writes what she feels quite spontaneously. It's good to see young generation having the love for poetry. Keep writing and keep reading Abhilasha, your writings are beautiful depicting life. God bless you with loads of happiness and success.

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Akhtar Jawad 14 February 2016

Abhilasha Bhatt is a touching poetess, she paints human feelings, emotions and sentiments in a very effective manner.

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Rosie Bourget 08 January 2016

Everyone loves a good story. You are a great writer.

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