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You are my creator
My mentor, my teacher,
You are the guiding force of my life
Who always help me in times of strife.

Nanhi si woh chidiya thi
Barsaat mein bheeg rahi thi,
Udkar ped par baithi woh
Pani se bachne nikli woh,

Remembering fondly my teachers
On this day
As I walk decades back
To pay tribute in a humble way.

Navratri, the festival of Goddess Durga
is round the corner,
Hindus celebrate this festival for nine days
with great pomp and glitter.

Very pleasing
In full bloom
Varied colours and fragrance


What is Heart
a pumping machine
merely a size of a fist!
But if you play with it

Think positive
Is what always echo in my ears,
Do no think otherwise
This will wipe away your fears.

A journey
Enjoy it today
Like there's no tomorrow

When I walk past the memory lane
I recollect all the little happiness that we did gain,
Today everything looks so changed and new
I wonder how fast the time flew!

Bid adieu to the hot waves
As the cold breeze have set in,
Bringing joy to our minds
As the rains have peeped in.

So sudden
Natural or man-made
Shakes the entire nation

What an Irony of life
that applies to all
under the sun
from which no one can run


Tumhe dekhkar
Mann khushi se jhoom uththa hain

I come to you
When I need a break,
You come to my rescue
When my day is at stake!

The new year has dawned in
With a new ray of hope,
With newer resolutions
And more hurdles to cope.


They take us far, very far
Sometimes brightens our spirit
At times leaves us in despair too,

अरमानो के पंख (हिंदी)

आओ अपने अरमानो को पंख लगाए
नामुमकिन को चलो आज मुमकिन कर दिखाए,

Life is beautiful
Yes! its colorful
The value of which unfortunately
is best judged by only a handful!

Time once lost
can never be regained,
Its like a river
You cannot touch the same water twice!

Why Me! God why Me!
I have always worshipped thee,
I have ill treated none
Why was then my prayer shunned,

The Best Poem Of Kavya .

A Special Relationship

You are my creator
My mentor, my teacher,
You are the guiding force of my life
Who always help me in times of strife.

I know you are and will always be
by my side,
You are someone above God
And these words I shall always abide.

I saw the world with your eyes
With your help was able to differentiate the good and the bad;
Whenever I went wrong, you corrected me and yelled at me
The privilege which every mom has on her lad.

Yes friends, she is none other than my Mom
A wonderful creation of Almighty,
As God cannot be everywhere
She is the replacement of this holy deity.

Mom, you are the epitome of my existence
The reason for my subsistence,
Howsoever I describe you, I know my words will always fall short
As a mom-child relationship is of that special sort!

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Kavya 31 January 2021


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Prabir Gayen 07 February 2019

Very gifted poetess....God bless you ❤

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Geetha Jayakumar 30 December 2013

Poet Kavya is one of the talented and gifted poet. Its an amazing talent you are blessed with. Her poems flows freely on any topics and are very pleasant to read. May you keep on coming up with many more wonderful poems That add to your variety of collection which you had shared with us. Wishing you all the Best. God Bless You!

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Rajkamal P.j 17 September 2013

Really nostalgic..Great reminiscences..keep on writing to express and share your feelings...Congrats!

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Vishal Sharma 18 March 2013

special talent to make people smile through the power of poem...you are a talented one..hats offf..

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Life is too short, Enjoy before its too late!

Love A massive destructor Ruins the lives of many The moment it steps forward to marriage Everything is ajar! ! ! ! !

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Kavya . Popularity

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