'The Pirate' Poem by Matt Mooney

'The Pirate'

Rating: 5.0

In Victoria on Vancouver Island
‘The Pirate’ is at his work;
Most industrious and indiscreet-
Dismissive of the motley flow,
Sifting through each city bin
For beer cans worth five cents
If for recycling given in by him.

Fit and fast with a pirate’s hat,
A coat of black upon his back-
The skull and cross bones on it.

Later at the corner of ‘The Swan’,
Giving all of my small change
To my darling daughter as a joke,
The Pirate passing intervened:
‘I’ll take it from you’ said he to me
‘If she doesn’t want it! ’ he added;
And I handed him the lot relieved-
I couldn’t see ‘The Pirate’ broke.
‘May you see her children’s children’
He stood and said to me and fled-
In merriment it must be said!

Vanessa Hughes 25 June 2011

I really enjoyed this poem, it made me think about the difference small coins mean to different people therefore thinking about how we can help others in small ways, doesn't have to be big gestures. Great Poem Matt xx

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Pranab K Chakraborty 04 November 2010

With your strong power of imaginative reconstruction of life, enjoying the poem as a movie on the celluloid. Beautiful. A simple request, if you don't take it otherwise, you should write verse-drama in this phase. Actually you need the space. A broadscape writing expecting to you. Your craft of using time with its expanded zone, your skill of creating imagery, your philosophical outlook and easy way of expression.......all these are the components playing behind my request. Please consider me if I go beyond my border of approach. Thank you............10/10 Regards, pranab

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Bert Bell 28 October 2010

Ah, what a wonderful poem! You have such a wonderful way of expressing great images. I saw the entire scenario as if I'd been there with you. Just lovely.10++++

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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

South Galway, Ireland.
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