The Place Where I Belong Poem by Stephanie Starr

The Place Where I Belong

Rating: 5.0

The beat is slow, the hammer giving soft blows.
The quell in my heart pulls together a soul falling apart.
This is my time to think, my time to fly away.
Gravity is voting for me to sink, but I cannot be the prey.

My lungs fill with air but not to speak or declare
Instead my feet move, getting into the groove.
My arms want to flail, but I force them down.
In order to sail, the battle with the sea must be not to drown.

My battle is to breathe the air that likes to seethe
When a mouth catches its soul, when it is out of control.
I just go in one direction and hope I don’t fall,
I have nothing for protection and yet fear does not squall.

I just want to fly
Be away for awhile
For my mind to be out of reach
For just a moment of peace.

A shimmer hits the ground, and I see its all around
Long silvery threads are replacing what I used to tread.
Sparkling glass mirrors form, beauties I don’t want to smash
But I step in one and it transforms, the allusion breaking with a splash.

They fall onto me, a blessing it may be
I feel it, cool and cleansing, stitching up my wounds, mending.
I am alight with a fire, though outside it is cold.
My body is consumed with desire to fight, to be bold.

My legs push harder, and I know I must be the ender.
I am cracking the glass, like forgetting my past.
And for a moment I am not there, I am long gone.
I am past the roads and the stares, in a place I belong.

I cannot hide behind
The memories I couldn’t find
I am a new person with no past
But this moment goes so fast.

The hammer settles down, no more clowning around
My heart gushes fire, even though I do tire.
My eyes are steady, a glazed look covers my eye
I could not be more ready to look into the future, like a spy.

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