The Opposite Of The Truth Poem by Stephanie Starr

The Opposite Of The Truth

He calls her his life
His light
His bookmark to save his place
His rival in every race
His sword to kill the fear
His salt in every tear
His hope upon hope
His lighter for his dope
His wispy cloud on a clear blue day
His only wish that he can say
His stallion, his steed
His constant need
His blanket to hold him tight
His fist in every fight
His constellation of frustration
That will lead to his devastation
If he never sees the real light
The light of the sun, the light of the moon
That highlights my every crevice, my every sand dune

He calls me his knife
His height
His dog-eared page never to face
His enemy he can’t re-trace
His poison to let the pain near
His staleness in every cheer
His hit upon hit
The cops for his fit
His charcoal cloud hiding the rays
His only truth that won’t stay away
His twisted ankle, his crushed bone
His darkness when alone
His lack of warmth to keep it light
His bloody nose in plain sight
His black hole of hellish despair
That will lead to the grayness in his every hair
He won’t see
What is good for him
Because the opposite is the truth
If only it would let me loose
Don’t see it,
Don’t want it,
Don’t look at the truth.

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