The Power Of Words Poem by Omkar Atale

The Power Of Words

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Words can make one happy,
Words can bend one's mind;
Words can make one grumpy,
words can make one kind.

Words can illuminate a man,
Words can make one weep;
Words can hurt so much,
That a man cannot even sleep.

Words can hide the truth,
Words can strike the heart;
Words can provoke the youth,
To make a revolution start.

Words can give one freedom,
Words can push one to heights;
Only words have such powers,
To separate wrongs from rights.

Words are more than missiles,
That can make one just die;
but words, if hit, cause much damage,
That makes one forget to try.

Words before being spoken,
Are under our total control;
But after we speak the words,
We fall under their control!

Friday, April 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: words
Omkar Atale 07 March 2015

Anyone is the intended audience

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surely words are making ideas and the poet made a good poem about words.

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marven 30 May 2018

this poem make you to cry

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Hayanthika 06 December 2017

A nice poems with nice message. This poem will make us to learn what is words . Thank you

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Madasyn Gass 15 November 2014

who are the intended audience for this poem

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Susan Horner 24 November 2020

This poem is so beautiful and so true. I love the last phrase. Thank you, Okmar, for writing this wonderful poem!

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Mary Elizabeth 10 January 2020

My wods reealed and saved my life! ! ! ! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 March 2019

You are very right. Words can make one happy and these can give sadness. We should carefully express the words. This is an excellent poem beautifully penned.

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Carlfranz 08 October 2018

Make me a one poem please

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Omkar 02 October 2018

Fun poem name omkar

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