The Prayer Of A Lost Soul Poem by Christen Kuikoua

The Prayer Of A Lost Soul

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You were my Neighbor for lots of Ages
You and I was inseparable,
We Lived together and accomplished our dreams together,
We played together, sang together, were sad And wept together.
My one And only Friend you were certainly
You care when i needed you the most
Pick me up from misery and comforted me

My trust and belief In you Was sincere
Our bond was so resilient it never broke
No anger stood in our ways
For our unity was believed to be eternal

What Sorrow I felt, then my friend,
To discover that all our friendship will be despair
The day I vanished from earth my home With tears,
I realize our friendship was just a faze

OF all the memories made on earth
You never talked of the myth I though,
At no time you spoke of my lost soul,
And God who could make me whole

I'm forgotten today Forevermore
Heartbroken With Tears in My Eyes,
I supplicate today From Hell's ferocious Flames
And apprise to you my last hankering
No words today of yours,
are capable of setting me free
Nevertheless, make no mistake my friend
Do all you can for the essence of man
Implore them now quite earnestly
Avoid them to be diffuse in the abyss with me
This Poem Is about a friend That Dies and Unfortunately doesn't know Jesus Christ and goes to hell.

Bri Edwards 20 August 2022

'You and I was inseparable, ' 'were', not 'was' ;)

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