The Precepts And Concepts Of My Inner Dreams Poem by Robert Hilary

The Precepts And Concepts Of My Inner Dreams

ever do i sit and ponder, the precepts and concepts of my inner dreams, wondering upon their depth, as i imagine the goals for which i set, looking deep into the birth of those dreams, as i fantasize and realize their importance to me, and in my contemplation do i find clarity, as i hear my hearts whispers, and moans, dreams of blessings and prosperity, dreams of rivers, mountains and stones, dreams of love, dreams of family, dreams of magic, dreams of wisdom, dreams of truth, dreams of understanding. these dreams dwell in my soul like seeds in my heart, planted in the soil of my art, in which i aspire to reach higher, within my soul, and grasp the dreams, and make them unfold. into the world, into my life, into every corner of my reality, in which as my true self i embody my higher wisdom, giving birth to the soul of my inner vision. toiling with heart, to achieve my dreams, being aligned with my higher power, and all my decisions. to choose freedom. to choose love, to revel in joy. and bask in pleasure. to be whole within myself and true within my innermost being as who i truly am, as who im truly being. as i embody my deep self, realizing myself as my soul, and who i am truly, that as myself, in my authentic being, i can live truly aligned to who im meant to be. and in the truth of who i am, truly be, that i may be set free, from the confounding boundaries, of the laws unseen, and in truth, with in my sight truly see, and as my true self, truly thrive, boundless and abounding, truly alive. truly being with all my love, within the beauty of who i am in my heart. with all my strength. to embody my nature with all my power, giving force to the dreams that lay deep in my heart. that i may realize them, through my being and in my life. and discover who i truly am as Mystica.

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