Our Hearts Unfettered Grace Poem by Robert Hilary

Our Hearts Unfettered Grace

slipping through the rhythm into the rhymes, diving into the spaces between space and time, to combine the depth and meaning and with the heart align, into the sound that the beating heart makes there of, within every line, to scry the meaning of which the depth of word is contrived, to intricately compose understanding through the verses alive, that the wordless depth of meaning become unfolding into grace, a definition of reallity that encapsulates my faith, that it may be emblazoned by the integrity, that fills my heart and through my noble aspirations and my humble art, be given form to throught, that i ought not be forgot, in the words in which i do dearly speak, that if it is constrived what is realized behind the poem, the energy of presence, written within the tome, of the ever burning passion present, of the blazing higher presence, through which these words are duely spoken, in an epiphany of the minds eye, through which i try to concieve, the relations between my soul and thee and find within my heart the reality that is ever present within the undercurrents of the now and that in the whispering of my soul to the words in the poem, because the music of my soul, is deep and old, the uttered breath of my whisper sets ablaze the words and their meanings with fire upon the page, that in thee that flame may burn, and inside thee some note may yearn, and in your heart earn a page, from thee to be writ with the fires in thine soul. that if the power in thine heart alines with the power in mine, we two the poets, in our hearts combine, and align, with the music inside our souls. that our music combines together within our notes, and our muses sing a tethered song, together, with each our hearts beating to the music of their song, and our music dances with the flames of our love, and our muses sing from high above, the heavens into that which is wraught, that our combine song may not be forgot, yet saught after and caught, by the listening children with wings of white and hearts of gold. that their own music might burst forth and sing, and a cadence we all may bring, to the heavens with heads bowed and hallows bright, a song, a melody, unto heavens might, that we all might in chorus sing, and to the hearts of all new life bring, that forever that song may be song, and the will of the heavens be done. and all would be still before the echoes of our hearts unfettered grace

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