The Price Of Genius Poem by Alan Bruce Thompson

The Price Of Genius

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Even Albert had to work in an office,
The genius Einstein needed to show some service.

The ideas for relativity came in between,
The filing of drawings for a spinning machine.

The work for the planetary bending of light,
Came between the patenting of a new gun sight.

Scientists are not allowed ideas above their station,
Filling out forms is the right level of elevation.

What use anyway is this academic background?
The speed of copyrighting is more important than the speed of sound.

Those lofty academics should be brought back to Earth,
Of office workers and administrators should be no dearth.

Why do we need these abstract ideas?
It's only the chief accountant we need to please.

Why do we need progress? why do we need to invent?
With rows of filed virtual paper the world is quite content.

Saturday, March 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: genius,wealth
Kumarmani Mahakul 28 March 2020

Albert Einstein has given us the theory of relativity. The work for the planetary bending of light came into existence. With Genius man and wealth we need to develop and progress is human need. An amazing poem is brilliantly penned.

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Alan Bruce Thompson 12 April 2020

thnak you Kamarmani Mahakul, enjot the day.

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Alan Bruce Thompson

Alan Bruce Thompson

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