stephanie leduc mitchell

The Puppeteer

You were like the puppeteer pulling on my strings,
Lying to me, deceiving me about every little thing,
I was at your feet waiting for every beckoning call,
Not a word slipped from your lips as you watched me fall.

You strung me along until I’d had enough,
All of a sudden your were no longer as burly as I thought, not all that tough.
I voiced my opinion and told you more than you should know,
You put on this immature façade, god forbid you left your true colors show.

Your mocking chuckle still echoes in the back of my mind,
How could I have not seen this coming, I must have been lustfully blind,
Now that I know that this was nothing more than a sham,
I can never go back, never again start where I once began.

I can’t believe that lighting struck twice in the same place,
The only thing left to do is to pick up the pieces and save face,
My prolonging and repeating naivety has come to a swift end,
Say goodbye to the love sick puppy you once knew, my friend.

You will never know the true value of what you have until it is lost,
Misleading kind and credulous hearts does not come without a vast cost.
This could have all been avoided if you had only told me the truth from the very get go,
Instead you decided to take advantage of me at a time when I was low.

I think in some twisted and conceited way you enjoyed watching me squirm,
But there is a price to pay for arrogance as you may have learned,
Your pathetic obliviousness has run its course,
There is no going back now, I will show no remorse.

I know that people always get their just deserts,
I cant help it if I feel you deserve just a little worse,
I would love nothing more than to watch you eat your words and swallow your pride,
But until that day comes, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 16, 2009

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