The Purpose Of Existence Poem by Jocelyn Dunbar

The Purpose Of Existence

God created humans to express his divine gratitude to
Himself being God. He has given himself the prominent and
Meaning of his power, majesty, and authority,
He gave greatness and deep love to his creation
From heaven to earth. Life is not meaningless if you
Rooted your life in him.

As the author says in Ecclesiastes: Life is meaningless;
King Solomon is a great anointed king; he turns away from
God Despite everything he possesses from
God, as I read the Bible repeatedly and ponder about it.
Life is not meaningless at all. Life is more meaningful;
If you love God, obey, and do his will.
If you love life and do your responsibility to the people;
As well as to yourself. Life is more meaningful if you do
The right thing to do is to; choose who lives life with
Peace in humanity. Life is more meaningful if you share
Your riches and give to those in need. Life is more
Meaningful indeed if you deal with the direction of Jesus Christ.

And the most outstanding and meaningful of all,
Life is more meaningful if you have reverence for
The one who created you. God who rules over all.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
1 August 2020
10: 40 AM

Jocelyn Dunbar

Jocelyn Dunbar

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