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“the Rank Stench Of Those Bodies Haunts Me Still”

Rating: 2.7

The rank stench of those bodies haunts me still
And I remember things I'd best forget.
For now we've marched to a green, trenchless land
Twelve miles from battering guns: along the grass
Brown lines of tents are hives for snoring men;
Wide, radiant water sways the floating sky
Below dark, shivering trees. And living-clean
Comes back with thoughts of home and hours of sleep.
To-night I smell the battle; miles away
Gun-thunder leaps and thuds along the ridge;

The spouting shells dig pits in fields of death,
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Robert J fielding 31 May 2019

Pictures of the horrors of war and an atmosphere of uselessness. The mangled legs end it all

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Stephen W 06 May 2014

Excellent as ever from Sassoon. An all-time great, wrote what he saw in a time of sentimental bilge.

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Stephen Loomes 30 December 2013

Wow, crystal clear and caked with, mud, blood and suffering; the horror, cystallised with the poet's memoried verse

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Troll King 08 February 2012

i like men !

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