Soma Mukherjee

The Reaper Is Out Of Coverage Area - Poem by Soma Mukherjee

This is a stolen transcript of a conversation,
That took place between Grim reaper and Mr.Objection.

Ever since Mr. Objection had returned from the very door of death,
Every one had been speculating and curious about how he got back his breath.

So here is what actually conspired between the two,
And it was way more than anything Reaper ever had to chew.

Reaper came and told Mr. objection, 'come on bro its time to go.'
Mr.objection true to his name objected to the timing and him being called a bro.

Reaper was not surprised at Mr. Objections efforts to stall his death
Oh humans and their tricks some have even tried to get Reaper on high dose of meth

So Reaper said, 'ok what ever your name, its time lets move.
Mr. objection was now furious, 'you mannerless strange guy, your ways, I completely disaprove.'

'Ok', said Reaper, 'Mr. Ob...jec..tion, wow what a name, come man I have five more people to take.'
'Ya fine now', said Mr Objection, 'but give me a few minutes to say goodbye for the creators sake.'

'Listen pal', said the Reaper, 'I mean Mr. objection, first you tell me who gave you this name? '
Mr.Objection smiled for he now knew how to win this game.

Said Mr.Objection, 'Why I am present in every country of this sphere
Leaders of this world call us when they need to object and sneer

Reaper could'nt help but ask the entire how's and when's and what's for objections.
'Wow', said Mr. Objection, ' for a man in so much hurry you sure do have a lot of questions!

Reaper was way too curious to even bother about time or place or pending work.
Mr.Objection too was in no hurry to die, so he began describing his job with a smirk.

'Well we are a strong community of millions who are devoted to the cause,
Objecting for religious and political gains and if necessary breaking laws.

Our job is to keep the caste and class divide intact plus the woman to be subdued,
We are aggressive, violent people, comes with the job, we have to be crass and rude.'

Reaper was stunned, for once he didnt know what to say,
he had no idea there were so many 'dedicated' people in this dirty power play.

'Can you elaborate? ', was the only thing Reaper could utter.
No wonder he thought the world was so messy and every where he looked was huge clutter.

Mr.Objection explained, 'whenever the people try to fight or stand up for their rights
We create dictractions in name of religion or honour and cause huge fights.'

'Its very easy and effective way to stop any progress,
politicians and religious leaders are hand in gloves to create all the stress.

So we accuse or beat up people who go to other states for job hunt.
And young people trying to break the caste barrier always bear the brunt.

We object to women trying to break the shackles that have been there for ages,
Nothing is worse then women power and we like them behind the cages.'

The reaper fled the scene as fast as he could, stating the planet was full of trash.
Humans were viruses, he declared, who could cause hell and heaven to crash.

From then till now no one has died of old age or any natural causes,
every thing is man made now, all the death, destructions and losses.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 22, 2011

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