Nnawihe Ephraim

The Rising Of A King(The Agony Of A Loving King) - Poem by Nnawihe Ephraim

The rising of a king
April 1,2013 at 11: 57am

Through the wind and the rain..i shall speak to thee
Through the weeping voices of flowers, shall i whisper to your heart
From the grave barricaded with soldiers..& a big stone, i shall echo into your soul
Out of the piercing nails on the cross..
Shall i cry to thee..
My brother, my..friend..i bring to you the ancient words..ever true, touching souls., changing lives
Do you have a problem?
When i was born..the heavens were shaken
I was announced by angels..
A bright light shone from the heavens
A star..a guiding light
The heavens were glorious in their advert
..but..i was born in a manger
Where cows make their beds..
Amid st their dungs they sleep
I was king...a king of kings
I went about doing good..
Healing the sick..raising the dead
Giving hope to the hopeless..healing broken hearts..
And when they surround you..as they surrounded her
..with stones..with accusation
When they accuse you of your sins..your weakness
Forgetting how you cried inside to be free
When they call you adulterous as they call her
When their hands hold a stone..to stone you
I will be in their midst.my hand will hold no stone
But will be wide open for you..and you
And my mouth shall say to thee..neither do i condemn thee..go and sin no more
I heal the sick, i raise the dead
But in all my greatness i loved their little children
I...fed them! !
But the same mouth that called me blessed calls me accursed..
A crown of thorns they placed on my head..
My back was clothed with whips
I endured much..i cried
Not for the pains of the whips, nor for the crown of thorns
But for the sons of men, who..ate my fish and bread
Who begged me to heal their daughters&sons
Who cried to me to restore their sight..
I cried...
Not for the whips, but for you..my best friend..but for you..my peter! ..who denied knowing me
They pierced my sides&spat on me
They gave me a cross..not minding the pains..the injuries..
I fell..so you can rise
I bowed to the ground for the sons of men
So you can lift up thine eyes to the God of men
I saw mary..my mother..with tears..
The voice of a child arose in me..
And i said with my pain..''mother..behold thy son
She looked at me..the little jesus, she bore in a manger..
The little jesus she lost in a temple..
..the little jesus she smuggled to egypt to avoid being killed..
She looked at me..a grown man
..about to be killed..
She couldnt smuggle me..
..Egypt was too far
To the cross i was led
But my hands held no stone..
But was outstretched..''neither do i condemn thee..go and sin no more
They stripped me off my clothes
I was naked..before men, before women., before boys, before..girls
And they chanted crucify him
I looked for peter, i didn't see
But i saw he that was blind&he that was lame
I saw those that i healed..they now see..&behold my nakedness
Those that were dumb..they now speak and condemn me..
And i saw you..struggling with your sins
My hand held no stone..but were outstretched..
..neither do i condemn thee..
And as you cry to the father..
I lift up my voice and cry alongside with you
I said''father forgive them..for they no not what they do..
I looked at you and said..
''it is finished..go and sin no more
I bowed to the earth, i bowed to you..i bowed for you
..i bowed..
Pressures may make you bow
Afflictions may make you bow
Rejection may make you bow..
But i didn't remain bowed..
I arose
They covered me with stone..but still i rise.
They put armed guards to watch over me..but still i rise
To the earth i bowed..to the heavens i rise
Naked i bowed..but with a shining garment i rise..
They mocked me..& scorned me..i bowed
But on the third day i arose
I know who i am
I am the king of kings...
Do you know who you are?
You are my brother..my friend
And my hands are holding no stone...
But are still outstretched to you...and for you
Neither do i condemn thee..
Go and sin no more! ...
...written by Ephraim..on behalf of the lily of your life's valley

Topic(s) of this poem: agony

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