The Road Less Traveled Poem by FRAGMENTS AND PIECES

The Road Less Traveled

the road less traveled i often wonder
where young lad come and enter
and finally found nowhere
their end and goal just disappear

the road less traveled i happen to reflect
whether it's me who has defect
to embrace this journey so perfect
which i wish cause an effect

oh many travelers did never see
its worth for anyone to be
where people feel the human frailty
and forget the meaning for the many

why do people fail to realize
that this path of life needs not any prize
but rather a piece of true sacrifice
for other people that nobody dares to sympathize

oh when will one see the value of this way
and find it worthy to be lived wherever one may be
living for the people and not the self and 'me'
this road is what the world badly needs today.

Madathil Rajendran Nair 25 August 2015

A nice poem with a good message. Well rhymed too. May the whole world take the way less traveled. Thanks for sharing.

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Fragments Of Light And Love 01 February 2012

thnx for the readers...since i posted this poem, it has been visited almost everyday....glad to have your attention....

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Fragments Of Light And Love 22 October 2011

thnx for the the compliments....

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Unwritten Soul 22 October 2011

Hey this write such made my eyes open widely...Smart and very nice idea! you know this really remind me to the 'The Road not Taken' by Robert Frost...He pointed out about choice of two destinies and need to choose a road for his done it originally and beautifully..Keep it up :) _Unwritten Soul

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