The Rules Poem by Randy McClave

The Rules

He named the rules for her and him to date
Number one rule is to never be late,
If you say that you will be ready in exactly an hour
Then in 60 minutes, I'll be at your door holding a flower.
Number two rule is this for us to have a courtship
Never lie, or on your shoulders keep or carry a chip,
Always be honest and trustworthy and always be true
And forget the pain and sadness some might have put you through.
The number three rule for us to get together and to hangout
If you ever get angry please don't ever scream and shout,
And think out the words before them you do say
Because, each one of them, you might regret them one day.
The number four rule for us if we decide to stay together
Remember this, I do not like the cold weather,
Inside my house I like to keep it hot
So, the thermometer please touch it not.
The number five rule if a relationship as a couple we are pursuing
Please don't complain about my manners or my chewing,
Yes many times I am not polite and I know tobacco is awful
But, it's how I was raised and it's accepted and it's not unlawful.
He then gave her some more rules about them seeing each other
And one of those rules was that she wasn't his mother,
She wasn't his boss and she couldn't tell him what to think or do
That was another rule of his for them to remain as two.
He then asked her if she had any rules for them to be a pair
In a deep thought she then looked up with a smile into the air,
There is just only one rule she spoke with a stern certainty
Please, just don't ever be mean to me.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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