The Sanitation Engineer: A Contention Poem by Nathaniel A.Wallace

The Sanitation Engineer: A Contention

Soap has a place in High Fiction, my dear friends,
Contemporaries, cleaning agents, colleagues - admittedly
It is a slippery fellow, for making out to be such
A balanced base; First, we may take this chance
To clean away discriminatory sod, impediment;
We do not condone of dirty respect, foul play,
Scandalous scrubbing, or effacing advertisement
That paves the way for poisonous substitutes
With artificial intoxication; for example, try to
Bathe in the smells - what is shea butter anyways,
But of my love's natural air? Isn't vanilla
The ultimate, lascivious infuse? Don't you also
Rely on lemon moisturizing? Is infantile comfort
Not our version of comic relief? There's always the good
Industrial kind - classics in bar or liquid; there's
Bubble baths, and bubbly laughs, and soap
That's sexier than oil in the sun; it diffuses things
Brick by brick, mortar and pestle: your hand
Is the drive, and soap sticks, giving hell
To the surface - or really, it's instrumental
In leaving the game of cat-and-mouse
On the blood-stained hands of criminals; of course,
You can never fully polarize malice. Beyond the toilets
Especially in the puddles, it's all a blur; just remember:
Soap is to be used with distinction; the showers of heroes,
Their vague soapy cleanliness in the heat of the fray; or
The titrations of villains that "All in a day's work, " will,
Ever, make you want to wipe-out their face?
Unfortunately personal preference has become
A dismal category; there is no real showing
No such thing as dirty soap, but they come close;
To combat this laziness, wave the fresh scent of foam or bar,
And spread the melting gobs with viscosity
In the liquid, aesthetic experience; if this is not
Sure to overcome our new-fangled chronic,
Nihilistic alcoholism, remind people
Of the fraternal simplicity we share, of it's
Bigger than detergent -ness, and that it does not
So easily evaporate in the sun, and of it being
Way easier to smooth than powder. But I suppose
That at the end of the day, the best thing -
More so than lathering the wishy substance,
Hands down - is knowing that it washes away.

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