Nicole D'Settemi

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The Scenic Route - Poem by Nicole D'Settemi

Once upon a time
I tried to walk the line
On the path of straight and narrow
Looking for the ideal hero
Yet stopped was I that day
Stopped was I-along the way
As I made my way down the route
I found this drug
And wanted to know what it was about
What did it feel like, and how did I use it?
Could I try it-and then not abuse it?
So I gave it a shot, yes right in the vein
I gave it a shot, yes I played the game
Playing to win, I gave it my all
I played to I started, I started to fall
I fell so deep, I feel so hard
That now I am bruised, yes now I am scarred
Yet, down this same road on I kept walking
As my shadow did fade, now death did the talking
Like a corspe with a tag, I could not even breathe
Yet, on I continued, till I couldn't even see
My feet they had blisters, my clothes they were torn
My body was bruised, my integrity worn
I screamed to myself, how did I get here?
'How the hell did I fall into this deadly love affair? '
Yet, when I tried to turn in another direction
Heroin took over, like a deadly infection!
And, here I was walking down this same road-
I sat and I shivered from the weather so cold
The scenery was twisted, the visions were sick
Yet, once again it was this same road I did pick
'Heroin, just leave me, ' I begged and I pleaded
'This journey is pointless, '
Yet, it was all that I needed!
'Heroin, I LOVE YOU, ' I just kept saying
Like a button on repeat it just kept on playing...
Over and over, I walked down the road
I sat and I shivered from the weather so cold
But, the colder it got, yes the colder the season
I started to think, I started to reason
What was I doing? Why was I here?
Why did I agree to be part of this dangerous love affair?
So, I stopped for a second, and I sat and I paused
And, I started to realize this was all for no cause
Only, towards death, this journey was headed
As my integrity was suffocating, and my pride it was shredded
Then quiet I became, so solemn-so stoic
Realizing this path was in NO WAY heroic
I wouldn't find my savior, no I wouldn't be saved
Nor, would I be enlightened, nor anything that I craved
So I finally stopped and I turned right around
I fell to my knees, yes I fell to the ground
Over this journey, sick of this path
Ready to move on, to be freed of this wrath
No longer sitting from weather so cold it was freezing
Forgetting the journey, the path, and the season
I surrendered myself
I finally chose
To go down a path, that I didn't yet know
And, now here I stand
I shout and I run
As this disease it unravels, and it becomes undone
Goodbye I say as I start a journey anew
Goodbye Heroin-yes goodbye to you.

© copyright 2010 Nicole Settimi/Dark Lyric Poetry
Dark Lyric Poetry by The Dark Artist Nicole Settimi

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 13, 2011

Poem Edited: Saturday, September 8, 2012

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