The Secret Of True Love Poem by Tina Rizk

The Secret Of True Love

She whispered to him
I don't want you to love me
Because I'm fun and interesting
Because my face is beautiful

I don't want you to love me
Because you like my thoughts
Because my personality is deep
Or my clothes attract you

I want you to love the bad I hate in myself
My rebellion, the flaws that I avoid showing

I want you to make me feel
Loved when you see them

I want you to love my sadness
And my fear of the unknown
That no one can tolerate in me

And I want you to love
My swinging moods
That terrify everyone

For love is like the sea
You can't love it while standing at the shore
You need to sail in it, see its smooth waves
How they can crash on rocks in tempests

You need to delve deep to its rock bottom
That has never seen the light

I'm like the sea, I have my calm side
Like its tender waves in summer
And I have my other side
Like its ravaging waves in winter

All people can love my bright side
But only the one who loves me
Unconditionally, embraces me as I am
And that's the secret of true love

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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