The Silent Sea Poem by Debi Fields

The Silent Sea

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Shades of green and aqua blue
The sea painted a thousand hues
Beneath thundering ocean wave
Out of the reach of mariners graves
A living testimony swims in majesty
once the rulers of the sea
A whale song rings from beneath the ocean
A song of praise and true devotion
To the God of creation and of the sea
A sea being robbed by cruel thieves
The whale song drifts silently away
The hands of man have silenced their praise
As God looks down in his majesty
As tears trickle down on the silent sea.

Carol Matthews 23 January 2007

This is a beautiful poem

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Arthur greaney 01 May 2020

I am doing this poem for my GCSE'S so i would like to know how it was stuctured and what effect you were trying to makre the reader feel love it keep doing what you are doing

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parnam sidhu 16 May 2018

amazing, poem is nice keep it up

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Calvin Preece 12 June 2010

Debi, thanks for posting this. It makes my heart ache with compassion. I am creating a short meditation video for use with my Episcopal church in Houston and would love to include a reading of your work in the short video. The video is being created from photos about or of the current gulf spill. You would receive full credit for the use of the poem and retain full copyright, of course. Let me know if I can use it.

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Debi Fields 25 July 2007

Steven, Thank you for your comments. However, I need a way to contact you if you would like to discuss this further. Thanks Debi

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Steven Hays 24 January 2007

Hi Debi: I love your poem and write seeking permission to use it in a performance for musical composition. I have sketched the work for mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet,2 cellos and marimba. I would not charge a fee for the performance or attempt a copyright on your material, and so would not take advantage of your work in any way. I would, however, beg your permission to get the work performed, to credit you for your work. I would like to compose a series of chamber works in a conservationist strain... If you choose to allow me to have your poem performed, I will need a bio page for you. Please email and let me know... Also, I'd love to see you write a poem about Pandas. They are another manifestation of God's creative handiwork that the hands of man would have destroyed. Please send your email address so I can send you a pdf file of the sketch score! ! ! All Best Steven Hays

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Debi Fields

Debi Fields

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