The Singer Of Sad Songs

I seem to reckognize your humble name.
Did you find your fortune and your fame?
Where have you been? Ten years came so fast.
People were asking if you had passed.

We would come watch you sing and play.
Late at night at The Berkley Cafe.
Sometimes we'd see you and then be gone.
Coming back next week to hear your songs.

I miss those days, can you see them now?
Open mic's and the fear of crowds.
We would go to Keanan's and you would be there.
Sitting alone, out the window you'd stare.

Do you still write and play as well?
Croon to the night and cast your spells?
I knew it was you when I looked from afar.
The singer of sad songs I'd watch from the bar.

You had a small following, you do realise?
Some people said you had magic within your eyes.
I always knew you'd come play and sing.
The happiness, the beauty and heart you'd bring.

Then you got missing and didn't come around.
Ten years is too long. Are you back in town?
I can remember listening and then you'd be done.
Packed up your guitar and the door you would run.

Somewhat an enigma, my friends did say.
How you'd dissapear after the songs you played.
The singer of sad songs, I remember you well.
Thank you I said, as my eyes did swell.

I still play and write when I can.
Its nice to hear that I had some fans.
Yes, ten years seems way too long.
For this singer of sad songs.

I don't go out and play anymore.
My boat has drifted onto working shores.
I found no fortune and no fame.
Thats o.k., theres no one to blame.

Thank you for the times you madly clapped.
I remember you now on your boyfriends lap.
Im glad to see life has done you no wrong.
We said good bye and then we were gone.
As I walked away I was glad to be known.