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Autumn's Song

A change of season is drawing near.
Scented hay perfumes the air.
Green grass slowly turns to brown.
Fallen leaf's canvas the ground.

Two Ships Passing In The Night

I have seen this wooden mast before.
Flowing blue sails on silent winds.
You are not welcome here anymore.
Once you were my only friend.

A Dogs Dream

Light and faint.
Legs are trembling.
What is my dog dreaming?

Silent Whispers Upon The Night

Silent whispers upon the night,
hang from stars of silver white.
Cling to dreams of heavy hearts,
wishful words from miles apart.

No Whisper, No Sound.

Look at all the cracks in this wall.
If things don't change, they will sprawl.
You've been given a warning, a simple call.
One more month to watch it fall.

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