A Dogs Dream

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Light and faint.
Legs are trembling.
What is my dog dreaming?
Running in the wind?
Humping a leg?
I hope its not mine!
His eyes are fluttering like butterfly wings.
Maybe a possum is in his food again.
Could be a bird at the feeder.
The dream comes and goes.
Is it the same or a progression?
I give him a quick nudge.
He wakes up looking at me.
It seems he is trying to say something.
What is it boy? Tell me......
Woof-means hello.
Woof, Woof-means goodbye.
He does it three times.
Woof, Woof, Woof-means leave me alone, I'm having a dogs dream.

Marilyn Lott 04 April 2008

It's so fun to climb into a pet's mind and create images. You did it very well, Steve! I enjoyed the poem. Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Cute and it echoes thoughts I've had myself watching a lab lie flat on the carpet, twitching, muttering as he moves in concert with some unknown dream. A neatly executed idea in light, fun words.

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Ernestine Northover 23 February 2006

It's the heavy breathing bit, with mine, and then the shudder followed by the sigh. Whatever is in their heads, this is a great reconstruction. Very good indeed. Love Ernestine XXX

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Mary Nagy 19 February 2006

Very cute..........When my dog (a bassett hound) dreams...we know to watch out cause he will usually wake up ''attacking'' whatever it is in his dream! If we feel him start to twitch and we're laying close by, we toss something to wake him up. It does make you wonder what the heck they could be dreaming of. Nice poem. Sincerely, Mary

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