The Sioux Poem by Brian Taylor

The Sioux

The tribes of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people had their own culture and believed in their traditions and their way of life when it comes to their land they were prepared to defend.

The people who inhabited the Tepees were also known as Siouan men.

The Nadowessi people the largest Indian nation of any other nations were warriors, knifemakers, and buffalohunters to fight until the end.

The Sioux men ate very well with Spinach, Herbs, deermeat, Turkey, and Turnips they deserved when it came to their diet to begin.

The Siouan men had land that was covered in grass covered praires with streams and rivers with a climate that was hot and sometimes cold that they dwelled in.

The Siouan men had great war leaders and was famous for what they stood for the great chief leaders were Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Rain in the Face, Chief Gall, Crazy Horse, Kicking Bear, American Horse, Black Elk, Chief Lone Horn, Chief Touch The Cloud, and Chief Big foot and all of these chiefs were known as the Siouan chief men.

The Siouan men had rituals and ceremonies that they believed in and for dancing of course they had The Sun Dance Ceremony and The Sacred Ceremonial Pipe called The Calumet that was furnished with Tobacco the Sioux name for the great spirit was named Wakan Tanka they believed every object was spirit or wakan my dear friend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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