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She drive's into her neighborhood
Her heart starts racing
She knows he's been pacing
She can't explain what took so long

You're still young and innocent and mild
After all you're still only a child
You have parents, that are supposed to protect you
But often they don't, more than they do

I didn't know why I was really born
I had a sad childhood and was always torn
Didn't know my daddy, didn't really know my mother
It was just us three, with my sister and my brother

Your heart, your body can never heal
From back when you were given, a raw deal
He kept you in a cage with no bars
And even now you can feel the scars

If I became crippeled or maimed
Would I have your love or just your pity?
Would you cherish and take care of me?
Or would you put me in a nursing home?

He goes to work early everyday
For him to be safe is what I pray
He often works late, not a set time
He stays busy on the streets, fighting crime

There was a little turtle named George
On his food he would always gorge
He popped out of his shell
And said what the hell

I'm through with you, can't hurt me anymore
You've had your fun, got what was in store
You played the controlling game too long
I'm free from you now and know you were wrong

I spend alot of time writing poems, telling my story
Most are kind of sad, doesn't offer much glory
My best friend is my paper and my pen
It brings me back to places I have been

I worked in a bar, to make fast money
The people were kind and often funny
I would make their drink, listen to their story
They sought my council, but I got the glory


Surrounded by people
But so all alone
Feeling so lonely
No place to call home

Trying to find a job at fifty-three
Too old to work, too young for social security
They all want someone in their early twenties
That will go to work for mere pennies

Nightmares sneaking in my bed
Living life over in my head
Causing all the fear to come back alive
Bringing back memories with such drive

I was so lonely and so scared
You a gentle soul who really cared
Such a kind man I'd never met
A man that could help me forget

Quiet a mistake, she was when born
She was not a rose, but an unwanted thorn
Born to a mother, that was abandoned herself
Born to a daddy, that kept whiskey on his shelf

Why not long walks on the beach
Whispering sweet nothings to each
Walking bare foot in the sand
Walking together hand in hand

If I couldn't love you and wear your ring
The wind would stop blowing and the birds couldn't sing
If I couldn't love you, the sky couldn't be so blue
And the waves would stop as if on cue

I don't have jewels or gold
I have love from my dogs I hold
Their love so faithful and true
They're kissing my face when I am blue

Birdy, birdy in the sky
Why you do that in my eye
I thought you were my friend so true
Now I can't see, my eye's like glue!

Why do i have to live in pain from years ago and recent
I try to shut out all the pain and to you be so decent
I bury it all and shut it out and it always will erupt
Trying to be always loving and forget so I won't be abrupt

Donna Nimmo Biography

My life has been a puzzle of so many pieces. When you read something I wrote, you've found a very small piece of the puzzle I call my past. Every now and then I write something silly. I write from my heart and my feelings.I am an old fashioned grandmother. I wear my heart on my sleeve and feel very deeply for my loved ones. I'm an animal lover and will fight for justice for them. I love my country and feel very afraid for my country at this time. There is really no justice in these times. May God bless you all!)

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The Abused Wife

She drive's into her neighborhood
Her heart starts racing
She knows he's been pacing
She can't explain what took so long
She knows she won't be understood
He won't listen to what she has to say
He will be so angry that she didn't stay
She only went to the corner store
He will blame her for so much more
He will accuse her of meeting a man
She hurried so fast, she almost ran
He will scream and slap her across the room
Break things, even beat her with a broom
If she's lucky only bruises this time
Or sent to the hospital because of this slime
He will beg her forgiveness and to take him back
He's so sorry, he says for that last whack
He's not ever going to change
His promises won't last the long range
He will send her flowers, maybe jewelry too
So she will forgive him, and not be so blue
He'll say he's so sorry, won't happen again
Why did you make me do it? He will begin
Loving him so much she will risk her life
He said he didn't mean to cause her strife
Don't believe a word he says, all lies like the past
The promises he makes aren't going to last
Believe in yourself, you can make it alone
Take your life back, without a broken bone
People that haven't been there don't understand
You have so much fear, under such a demand
You are a good person and deserve so much more
Than being slapped around and kicked to the floor
You can always find help from people who care
Or you can file charges, he wouldn't dare
Abusers don't change, their lies just get better
I've been there too, that's why this letter

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Harry Colgan 02 May 2018

I am a student at a well-known university in the United Kingdom studying Drama. I used your poem Nightmares as inspiration for a piece of physical theatre for my final performance which was based on sleep paralysis. Thank you very much for this great creation as it allowed me to create an interesting piece which was meaningful to me and the audience members.

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Samantha Cook 10 November 2014

I love your poem a lonely housewife so very true.

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Jessica Langgin 15 December 2011

Thank you for your poem 'A Police Officer's Wife'. A group of us wives here in Las Vegas will be borrowing it (giving you cred, of course) for a night we have arranged to send the husbands treats at work. Accompanying the treats is your poem. Thank you for writing that special poem from the heart. It's so obvious it is genuine & many of us have taken a liking to it. Thanks again!

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There is no justice in these times.

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Donna Nimmo Popularity

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