The Solitary Statue Poem by Saima Sharif

The Solitary Statue

I walk alone among the yeast of tall bamboos
That stand as still as statues;
I caress the green smooth stems
Smoother than silk,
Greener than thistles.

The air fills with the wild moist smell
Wilder than Winter,
More moist than a rainforest;
That seems so very-known and so very dear
Bringing back my olden days so near.

The rustle of bamboo leaves navigates me
As far away as heaven- - -
A green hillock,
A smoky evening, a long sandy way,
The pitter-patter on the iron shed
And the cluck of frightened chicken.......

I take a deep breath,
Deeper than death;
Silence falls like snow
With the easterly breeze quiet and slow.

The sleepy creek smiles splendidly in its dream,
With the peeping of the golden sunlight
Among the bamboo leaves
On their stems slim and straight.

With my soothed eyes I stare upright
And wonder how the bamboo trees stay
All alone at the dark night;
Out of the winds and the clouds away,
With the silvery moon
And dimly lit stars on its own way!

Monday, March 13, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Tapan M. Saren 04 May 2017

Very beautiful poem. Fine description.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 19 March 2017

A fine poem on nature with so much images to refresh a reader.

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Saima Sharif 20 March 2017

Thank you so very much for your appreciation, Nasarudheen.

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Saadat Tahir 19 March 2017

v nice lines... i enjoyed reading and it created a crisp and vivid picture of what you say.. not everyone has this gift to translate graphics into words. i liked the content and the context a way it left me breathless... tender soft and true poetic tradition...! kudos liked :) sat

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Saima Sharif 20 March 2017

Thank you for your amazing words of appreciation. You've said more than what I deserve.

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