Saima Sharif Poems

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Amidst The Maddening Crowd

It's a midwinter night. There's no snow.
But the snow-like silence falls upon the neighbourhood,
Except for the trudging of some possums with a few breaks.

The Solitary Statue

I walk alone among the yeast of tall bamboos
That stand as still as statues;
I caress the green smooth stems
Smoother than silk,

The Forlorn Chimes

With footsteps quiet and slow
I walked along a breezy grassy way;
Silence fell upon the bushland
Except for the hustle and bustle of the leaves.

The Blue Bell

Beneath the bell- like petals,
I can see a blue bruise for unknown cries,
It hides its shy face
When I wipe my tearful eyes.

Once Upon A Time

The days of writing letters are gone
Just the by- gone days of childhood,
Piles of envelops are still laid on the shelves at a stationery store,
And the mail-boxes simply beautify our gardens as gnomes

The Vibrant Vermilion

The Vibrant Vermillion

The serpentine roads up and down the hills
With a flamboyant beauty,

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