The Sonnet Of The Lone Guardian Angel Poem by John Duffy

The Sonnet Of The Lone Guardian Angel

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The Sonnet of the Lone Guardian Angel

(A lone voice whispers)

Some walk alone
seeking salvation

Others in groups seeking redemption

Through a silent breath, they all sing the same songs

A convergence of emotions to redo old wrongs

A joining of minds to continue the journeys

Emancipation has always been the lone cries

Voices echoing in the darkest of nights

We hear you and you are never alone

We see you

We are always by your side

This life has never been just a one-person ride

We are always with you in those lonely dark nights

An invisible hand to hold just hidden from sight

Keep your faith in yourself and whatever maybe

The sun will shine just you wait and see

I was bestowed at birth to only you

By your Almighty old friend

To help you in all that you contend

In all that you do

I am a secret friend who nobody sees

To inspire all that is deep awaiting release

I visit nightly when you are asleep

When the world is quiet and you no longer weep

I walk in your deep dreams and we link arms and converse

We speak in all languages where nothing is terse

So if you have a glorious dream

If you wake up and still feel emotions and empowerment from a person unseen

It's simply me

Your guardian angel in life's twisted labyrinthine

Copyright John Duffy

The Sonnet Of The Lone Guardian Angel
Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: supernatural
Ron Hawthorne 17 July 2022

If we please our guardian angels, we please our God who provided them for us.

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me poet yeps poet 04 March 2021

BEAUTIFUL But what kinda sonnet is this I wonder but reading it tis bliss kiss kiss

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Jeffrey Mitchell 07 January 2018

Very beautifully wrote I enjoyed it

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John Duffy 04 January 2018

Thanks for the wonderful comments.

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Chinedu Dike 04 January 2018

Beautiful motivational piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing John.

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