Sarah Child

The Storm - Poem by Sarah Child

Gray, ominous clouds loom on the horizon,
The rumble of distant thunder echoes through the streets,
Women run to save their hanging laundry,
Men close the windows and lock the doors to their shops,
Children stare out their bedroom windows, longing to play,
Animals of all kinds seek shelter from the coming storm.

Like a ghost, I walk down the empty streets,
The clouds have caught up with me, and so has my shadow,
She begs me not to go, spills her heart out to me,
Lightning flashes, ripping the sky open, allowing the rain to fall,
Making it hard to distinguish between the rain on her face from her tears.

I say nothing, I feel nothing,
As I turn to leave, she puts her hand on my shoulder, trying to stop me,
I shrug it off and begin to walk,
Thunder muffles her sobs, the flashes of lightning reflect in her tears,
And I disappear into the rainy abyss.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 25, 2010

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