The Story Of Basil(Tulsi) Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

The Story Of Basil(Tulsi)

In the dawn we, the pious people
Visit the Vishnu temple with prayer
There we shower the leaves of Tulsi
Symbol of surrender; dripping gloom.
In front of my house I planted its sapling
Sweet smelling antibiotic medicine.
Once in book of Puranic stories
I read a pathetic story of deception:
King Dharmadhwaja had a cute daughter
Tulsi was her sweet name all uttered.
Samkhuchooda was her lover in life
Her chastity was his indefatigable shield.
Ambitious he conquered throne of
Devas throwing out Devendra.
Gloomy Devas in despair met
Lord Siv to get their enemy defeated.
But He failed as chastity of Tulsi shielded
Her adventurous husband Samkhuchooda.
Devas with Vishnu conspired; He in disguise
Met Tulsi, lured her, broke her chastity.
Samkhuchooda became weak as Samson
Without power to defend himself.
Lord Siv by cruel deception subdued
As we find in politics and struggle for power.
Debilitated, raped Tulsi broke off and bled as
River Gandaki and grew her soft locks as tulsi
Lord Vishnu gracefully made good by
Blessing his prey pleasantly and he accepts
Leaves of Thusi at altar; we call them Basil.
The battle of Devas and Asuras still rage on
The oppressor and the oppressed on earth
The Capitalist Vishnu ready to disguise;
Lord Siv the ally, at the center of plotting.
The poor, the world over, being trammeled
Third World tears flow as Gandaki: blood of Tulsi,
Utilitarianism use her hair for money and safety.
Note: [Purana: an Indian mythological book. Puranic is the adjective form of it. Devas (the luxurious sensual group as depicted in Vedas (In Greek mythology it is the Dionysian group) and Asuras the opposing group were/are at war for power; to be the dictator of the world as the Capitalist and the Communist groups fight today. Third world always leans to the Left but they are crookedly defeated.]

Devas and Asura battle still goes on.Women are being tortured.
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