Eric Joseph Lopez

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The Stranger And Me - Poem by Eric Joseph Lopez

I once came here at night
but was force out of bed
They came and took me while I slept
I went for days without being fed
Dragged me kicking and screaming
they threw me down inside a chamber
I was all alone and scared
That’s when I met the stranger

He was lock besides the place I was in
There was no bed to sleep on just the floor
In the room where I was being held
There were no window and no door
I was nine at the time by the way
Very frighten yes I was
Inside of here was damp and cold
The world I once knew to me has been pause

We first introduce our self to each other
The same night I came
His name was Alexander
He was the only person that had been keeping me sane
Each night that went by he’d sing me to sleep
He had such an enchanting voice
They started bringing us food to eat
I never like what they were but had no other choice

Alexander and I will sometime play games
Like trying to guest what each other is thinking
He was very good at it
He said that what helped him quit drinking
After his wife died he turned to the life of the bottle
Where he will do nothing but drink himself to ease the pain
But almost died when he lose control of his car one night
The car landed in a pool that was cause by the heavy rain

He manage to crawl himself out of the car
For a moment he thought he had died and went to heaven
There she was walking towards him
With her arms wide open
He woke up from a two week coma at the town’s hospital
Where the doctors said he’s lucky could have been six feet underground
The accident and then seeing her again
He said has helped him turn his life around

I’ve lose track of time to when I was first brought
It was October the 19th when they came and grab me
I grew up in a little town near the coast
There were never any reports of trouble so we roam the town freely
I use to live with my mom two sisters and a brother
We all use to have fun playing with each other
There was a time in my life that I once known a man
He was special to us all as he was my father

Things was going so good for our family
One day my dad never came home
The police came and ask my mom to come view the body
She just stood there daze in a silent moan
It was Christmas time he wanted to surprise us all
But was murdered then dump in a shallow puddle
My mom will cry herself to sleep at night
While my sisters my brother and I will cuddle
Those were the years back then
Where I had a family a bed and ate food with a spoon
Now am in a place that isn’t like my home
But in a place I now call my tomb
I was about to sleep one night
I heard Alexander voice coming from above through a tiny crack
He found a way to escape and was trying to take me out
But they sneak up behind him then stab him in his back

They open the ceiling to the room I’m being kept
Then dropp his body inside with me
He landed on his head the fall broke his neck
He died instantly
Sat there holding my hands while looking at him
I was all alone once again
Bow my head began to cry
No longer was the stranger but like a father and my friend
Out in the real world things were as in here
My mom killed herself with pills over worry
The family I once knew is slowly falling apart
They both died because of me

It’s been a month since he died
The decaying body stench the room I’m in
They’ll always come looking down at me
I will be greeted by their smirking grins
When all of my hope seems to fail me
The ceiling open once again
Finally I’ve been save
Only time will tell if my wounds will mend

I’m a grown man now with kids of my own
Where we will always play and always have fun
I went one day to the wooden shack where I once were
Inside is a tomb where it all begun
It’s been twenty years since that day
They never found the two men who grab me from my bed
But the thought of seeing Alexander lie in front of me
I guess will always roam through my head…

Copyright © 2009

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