The Switch-Sam Holder's Escape Poem by Kate Wiley

The Switch-Sam Holder's Escape

Rating: 5.0

He climbed up in the north side tree
To cut off a branch that offended me.
His chain saw he then started running,
Its motor he was fiercely gunning

A strong man-a stronger machine.
The noise was loud, quite deafening.
He began to cut; to saw the limb-
I stood to one side, watching him.

His foot slipped-the saw fell.
I heard him give a mighty yell,
'Cut off the switch! ' he called to me.
But oh, the switch I could not see.

He hung suspended, by one leg and an arm
To lose his grip would cause great harm
A second of time that lasted an hour-
Then I found the switch and cut off the power.

I grew very pale and nearly fainted
His death in my mind had been clearly painted.
He lowered himself with knees that were weak.
He had to recover before he could speak.

Dorothy- A. Holmes 23 May 2008

Kate, and...and.... More I want more! Dorothy

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James B. Earley 22 March 2008

A great poem my friend. It is said that all is well, that ends well! Thanks.

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Duncan Wyllie 09 February 2008

That sounds really shocking Kate, if this is in the actual then I am truly sorry to have heard of this taking place, eitherway this was very well written, held me till the end Oh and it was your name that caught my eye, another WILEY-WYLLIE eh! Welcome aboard, Love duncan mark wyllie X

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