'The Tears Of Etteh, ' Poem by Oluseyi Akinbami

'The Tears Of Etteh, '

It was not for bread or the lack of it
It was not for death or the danger of it
Her tears was not for illness or the pain with it
Though her camp deceived her to the end

This tears, as I heard on Guardian paper on October 31,07 and BBC’S “ROW”
Lest you accuse another of lies
Is not of pain of labor room
Or onions of the kitchen

Ettes’s tears is not of hostage from Niger militant
As paid police parade her, armed in visible error
It is not for lack of support from party accomplice of crime
Well, girded with tricks from the looters

It is not for the deaths of another sycophant
Leaving comrade to continue a fight against rights
It is not for the pretence of Mr. P
Although suspicion leaks the parley of his endless silence on corruption

What is the cause of tears after heady reluctant of pronounced crime in our house?

It is, that no Police will guard the allayed brigand
The stoppage of routine reward of laborless loots now transferred to waiting comrade
The besmirch of a name in mire for history books always on our minds
Regret, a woe, a shame of progeny borne by one

The “row” traversed by Generals seeking honor again from compatriots
Begging a part from honorable scribes where military cavalcades is an eyesore
And the paid scaly scribes of the General took a stand against honor as agent of Embolden criminals
And our revered honorable African lord of Nobles as watchman preventing these gang of tarnishing bandits summoned sincere scribe for a boycott of collective besmirch
Though the organizers of this crime refused pronounce call for change

Etteh must cry and so shall the gangs of rogues, of gangsters
Of bandit and criminals
Usurpers of the people's commonweal will cry in the end
Let this tears though, late and unreal flow to their hurts
While the raped nation through the path of their Error regain freedom
Cry Etteh and join the queue of known corrupt bands

Error Success