The Tears Of The Defectors Poem by Tengre Asasiun Gurun Tengre

The Tears Of The Defectors

Many years has passed discontinued
The food-rationing, the authority banned
The market place, to buy the foods.3
For heating, but the mountain no woods.

Many people tried to look for the asylum
So hided to the Chinese slum.
Whenever public peace capturing
Them and they're repatriating.

They were sent to the compulsory labor camp
A bowl of the limped samp
Was the ration per day and by compulsory-labor,
From dawn till night, be the motor.

The escaped young ladies were kidnapped
By the hoodlums, sold and dispersed
To the remoted area, and be the wives for the old,
Or be a wife for all of the household.

The poor souls looked for the asylum by the sea,
But the Moon rejected their plea,
Whenever they were captured, being expelled immediately,
By, being under orders, navy.

The poor souls were bound and worn eye-patches,
Were repatriated like the dried fish bunches,
Against their will, no assistance of the lawyer
By the order of the big mouth liar.

God only know they're live or dead
But heard that they're shot to dead
By the crime of treason, Only God knows,
How many times He sorrows.

Now, the remnants take places
And they watch for the other chances
To demolish and snatch the lawful government
Like overthrew the former government.


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