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Whenever he geteth up at cockcrow
He kneeleth in front of the cross,
His praying is watched by the black crow
And the dark hall smelleth the moss.

Moon and four hundred robbers destroyed
The Constitution system, and always enjoyed
To see the Nation's destruction. They repatriated
The poor, for human sacrifice, and humiliated

A big horse was lonely left on the seashore.
The people tried to carry a booty in the castle.
And Minerva wanted Laocoon forbore
His words, for succeeding her plot to the people.

Long times, he appealed to be a human-right lawyer
But he verily was proved to be a heinous liar.

The Italians make money by sailing the Versaces
But Jeong-Eun wastes wealth by shooting the varsaces.
A genius can feed a million people for a long time,
But the people are left to starve by evil crime.

For a long time, he had asserted himself human-right-lawyer.
But he couldn't be a son of man, but the Son of Devil.
The person is not first but the North is first to a liar,
By Tahg's direction, an actor read the dime novel

For a long time, the human had thought the moon as a timepiece,
But, now, the Red Moon is a counterclockwise masterpiece.

Always talking for peace, they'd committed the treason,
Cause for their properties, gladly be dogs. It's the reason.

The last five years the Red Moon was rising
On the mountain, the moonshines were full and prevailing.
The mice openly had broken the nation.
Job-lost people were satisfied with the ration.

We are waiting for the Sharon's Roses. The roses
Are already withering in June. Opportune
Deed, we await the flowers? The hours
Are going to the High-noon. The moon

Polynices attacks the brother's castle
With the Argives and seven against Thebes.
The red army blow a bugle and whistle
With the military-uniform-changed Chinese.

The sapling stood alone by herself,
Being soaking up the blood for several years.
The freedom tree were growing itself.
The history has been running for seventy years

The persons who truly know the history aren't deceived by the fake
Anti-Japanists who shout Anti-Imperialism with drinking the sake.

He sometimes shouted the reconciliation and forgiveness but interior, tried to attempt,
During his term several times accusing persons of libel and contempt.

-To memoriate the two young guys whose name was Hyun-Wook, Kim-born in 1996 and Beom-Seon, Woo-born in 1997.

The poor guys tried to escape by the sea,
They succeeded to land the South land by boat.

Even they were born in the frozen Land
But having dreamed the blue birds.
They tried to seek for the freedom but banned
To get it by Moon and the dream left the sherds.

A Chairman of Oligarch was fallen from the balcony
The CCTV footage was turned off because of the repair
The Persons who can't tell the truth are in agony,
And smoking, some persons slid down to the air.

The battle field, on the White Horse
The fallen soldier was founded as a corps.
In the trench, he was crouching,
He is the same posture as before, and observing.

Fall and rainy day, in the Seung-Man Lee Square,
The millions of the people were gathering from here and there,
The Longing for the true democracy heated the air.
And the yearning for freedom blazed up, to be the flare.4

The Indian government requested First Lady to visit the Taj Mahal? So lonely,
She tripped to India by President Plane extravagantly?
The Khmer requested to visit Angkor Wat, sincerely?
So she the President's 2nd plane flew from Seoul to Phnom Penh only for that journey?

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Graduated from Kim Il-Sung University. Freedom Fighter & Poet)

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The Black Magician

Whenever he geteth up at cockcrow
He kneeleth in front of the cross,
His praying is watched by the black crow
And the dark hall smelleth the moss.

As usual, he openeth the Capital,
With skill, instead of the Bible.
First of all, it's vital
For him, and there's tearing candle.

The Scriptures and the Swords is old
Fashioned, and the Capital and the Bible,
Is new fashion to relieve, from the cold
World, the groaning people.

So whenever standing
On the pulpit, he sayeth, impeachment
Equality, distribution, and calling
The Lucifer and be the agent.

Always he kicketh out the faithful
But never ceasing the black magic
No the shines, the church is now full
The echoes of the hollow music.

He never believeth the Bible
So far and ever more, be
Willingly Lucifer's disciple.
The priest? How can he be…


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