Tengre Asasiun Gurun Tengre Poems

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The Most Disgusting Traitor

Moon and four hundred robbers destroyed
The Constitution system, and always enjoyed
To see the Nation's destruction. They repatriated
The poor, for human sacrifice, and humiliated

The Black Magician

Whenever he geteth up at cockcrow
He kneeleth in front of the cross,
His praying is watched by the black crow
And the dark hall smelleth the moss.

Sirens And The Song

Anyone hearing the beautiful song,
The person who leaps to North from overboard.
And on hearing, the mads drive the ship at the wrong
Way, with the passengers who went aboard.

The Grotesque Man-Slaughter, Moon, Jai-In Is Thy Name

The grotesque man slaughter, Moon, Jai-In is thy name.
In the in the mutiny murder on the Pesca Mar, thou had defended the murderers to the end time.
Thou was informed by North, without the examining, thou repatriated the defectors to North.

The Traitor To History And An Ethnic Community

Skinny cows bleat at the bank of bleak country,
For prevention, they banned the market fields,
Without the trees on mountains, the rainy
Days, the muds were flooded to the fields.

The Military Academy

Crossing the Hwarangchon, there's the other world.
On every year, it comes the new year,
The young guys cross the Styx for new world,
And drinking the water and forgetting the rear.

The Tears Of The Defectors

Many years has passed discontinued
The food-rationing, the authority banned
The market place, to buy the foods.3
For heating, but the mountain no woods.

The Laocoon And The Sons

A big horse was lonely left on the seashore.
The people tried to carry a booty in the castle.
And Minerva wanted Laocoon forbore
His words, for succeeding her plot to the people.

A Heinous Murderer & Liar Moon Jai-In

Long times, he appealed to be a human-right lawyer
But he verily was proved to be a heinous liar.

The Dusky Times To Koreans

The Italians make money by sailing the Versaces
But Jeong-Eun wastes wealth by shooting the varsaces.
A genius can feed a million people for a long time,
But the people are left to starve by evil crime.

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