Tengre Asasiun Gurun Tengre Poems

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The Black Magician

Whenever he geteth up at cockcrow
He kneeleth in front of the cross,
His praying is watched by the black crow
And the dark hall smelleth the moss.

The Most Disgusting Traitor

Moon and four hundred robbers destroyed
The Constitution system, and always enjoyed
To see the Nation's destruction. They repatriated
The poor, for human sacrifice, and humiliated

The Laocoon And The Sons

A big horse was lonely left on the seashore.
The people tried to carry a booty in the castle.
And Minerva wanted Laocoon forbore
His words, for succeeding her plot to the people.

A Heinous Murderer & Liar Moon Jai-In

Long times, he appealed to be a human-right lawyer
But he verily was proved to be a heinous liar.

The Dusky Times To Koreans

The Italians make money by sailing the Versaces
But Jeong-Eun wastes wealth by shooting the varsaces.
A genius can feed a million people for a long time,
But the people are left to starve by evil crime.

The Son Of Devil, Moon

For a long time, he had asserted himself human-right-lawyer.
But he couldn't be a son of man, but the Son of Devil.
The person is not first but the North is first to a liar,
By Tahg's direction, an actor read the dime novel

Red Moon

For a long time, the human had thought the moon as a timepiece,
But, now, the Red Moon is a counterclockwise masterpiece.

Five Years

Always talking for peace, they'd committed the treason,
Cause for their properties, gladly be dogs. It's the reason.

Had Run At Full Capacity With Rear Gears

The last five years the Red Moon was rising
On the mountain, the moonshines were full and prevailing.
The mice openly had broken the nation.
Job-lost people were satisfied with the ration.

Waiting For Sharon's Roses

We are waiting for the Sharon's Roses. The roses
Are already withering in June. Opportune
Deed, we await the flowers? The hours
Are going to the High-noon. The moon

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