The Termites Poem by Alexander Raju

The Termites

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The termites or the white ants,
Who're supposed to eat the dead,
Must be killed mercilessly,
For they cause to imbalance
Our sacred ecology,
Believe me, once I saw them,
Eat live trees and turn them dry,
Within a few days or weeks,
And even great men's bodies
To send them to oblivion!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Termites, or white ants, have a hidden agenda to survive at any cost though we human beings think that they help us ecologically. In fact, they used to imbalance our ecology, perhaps, for their survival. In Africa, I have seen some of them destroying even live-trees within days! There are such termites even in our society who destroy the ecology of human existence! From individual thieves to social terrorists, each one of them is a termite who deserves death penalty. We have more than sufficient number of human beings on this planet that such unwanted elements, who create sociological imbalance, should be terminated forever.
Of course, the burglar who took away my laptop, camera, external hard disk, mobile phone and every valuable items in my house on 5th March,2015 thinks only about the value of the electronic things and not of the invaluable data in them! My creative works like Where the Green Dreams Shattered, a novel on NATO's attack on Libya (thanks to Professor Vinod Kumar Sinha, I got it back) , The Professor and his Daughters, a novel on the insignificance of religious conversion, and Once There was a Village, a biographical novel, were all lost with that incident. I was in a sort of trauma for about two months for I believed that my past, present and future were gone forever with that loss! What I could do was only to curse those barglar/s, those termites!
Rajnish Manga 28 March 2017

Through this short poem (and also through the poet's notes) , you have definitely drawn attention towards the enemies of human society as well as of our culture and civilization. You have rightly called them termites. It was a relief that you got your precious material at the end of an horrific experience. Thanks & Good Wishes, Sir.

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Alexander Raju 02 August 2018

Thank you Mr Rajinish for realizing my feelings presented in the poem. Hope you are reading some other poems of mine from Poem Hunter.

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