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Alexander Raju (b.1952) , an Indian English poet, novelist and short story writer has many books to his credit. Ripples and Pebbles (1989) , Sprouts of Indignation (2003) and Magic Chasm (2007) are collections of his poems. His first novel The Haunted Man came out in 1996; its second edition in 2009. His second novel Upon This Bank and Shoal ...

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Ezra Juellinge 05 May 2018

It was indeed a tou touching poem. I am sorry for your loss. May God bless your father. It was a touching poem

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That Smile On His Face (To My Father Andrie Varghese Kallarackal)

What left with me of my father
Is his last smile, a funny one!
It flashes intermittently
Into the core of my tiresome life,
Spurs and inspires all my attempts!

I was tilling hard on my land
Inherited from my father,
To plant some vegetable seeds,
And he stood leaning on a pillar
Of my too old ancestral house.

I glanced at him; he was watching me
With that grin of satisfaction,
It seemed he was not simply leaning
On that pillar but transformed himself
And became truly a pillar!

For he suffered and sweated a lot
To stabilize our little family,
All his dreams he solidified,
Living more than four score and ten,
Saw his children's children prosper;
Now, I too try to feign his smile!

But what does that smile on his face
Signify? Contributed he,
What he could, and added to life,
Perhaps, it's sacrifice that gives
Meaning and completeness to life!

We're all for our age, do our best,
We foolishly try to adjust
With new generations, in vain;
Better to leave at the right time;
He ran well to complete his race
And left a smile for posterity.

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Alexander Raju Popularity

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