Indifference Poem by Alexander Raju


I feel indifferent to the core, living
In a world of unsolved controversies,
Where people fight with opinionated minds;
I watch them struggle for their survival,
Kill each other on silly arguments
Like believers of the barbarian past!

We, the poor fools, turned devils to ourselves
And missed the real heaven on this earth;
We nurtured hatred and violence in us,
And killed in the name of God and Heaven,
And ignored the truth that God lives in us
And Heaven exists only on this earth.

Blame me not if I become an atheist
When God through his believers stage genocides
And help them live in a fool's paradise;
They fight for stale customs and practices
And not for values that make our life worth
Of living in a perfect peaceful world!

They say God's mighty and omnipotent,
But that God failed to control those poor,
The ignorant believers too foolish
To realize that their great God lives in man
And he who kills a man, kills himself,
And no salvation, if any, for him.

Though we're slaves to folly and ignorance,
Our miseries will be drowned in oblivion,
Tears will be dried by the passing days,
Life's stream will flow on with giggles and roar,
World will go on as smoothly as before
And time, the doctor, will heal every wound!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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