Sabat Khan

Rookie (11/10/1983 / New Delhi)

The Timeless Tradition - Poem by Sabat Khan

Once upon a time, I was standing under a tree,
a man was out from somewhere and asked me time for free.
Looking at him I recognized he was my old friend.
Said he “how are you doing? hello.”
Said I “am fine”, like a jolly good fellow.
So, came another question ” how’s life going on, is it just rock and salt or has your past preceded your ambitions? ”

Well, I said.
You see, I’ve been a kind of man whose infatuation has been to get a recognition in the world of technology and information.
Where every station is not just any station,
but it is and becomes a question of dignity and destination.
Where every person becomes independent,
without being recognized as someone’s descendent.
Letting everybody know about his capability,
showing everybody his creativity.
Always stands up alone to give its representation,
without being part of any deputation.
Always ready to face the depredations of time,
rather than sitting like a loser slumped in dejection or crying over the lost reputation.
He who faces and comes over all the discriminations,
through his articulations and assertions, always acts with determination.

Standing on with high hopes and expectations,
at the same time keeping in mind the past, present and future situations.
Knowing about the prejudices of the societies,
their asymmetric ways of differentiating between right and wrong.
Being aware of the ways how people try to gain attentions,
vide false assumptions and showing no authentication.
He’s the one who does not become a pray to the glitter and attraction showed by touts and similar people, who could use him later for their own satisfaction.
He’s the one who knows everything without loosing anything.
The one who lives within this world but still hasn’t lost the respect for himself,
and this is his passion as well his ambition.

So to achieve such a destiny and destination,
I have to study every probable anatomy linking me and technology,
vide a good institution with all my dedication.
Arriving to this solution would be through a lot of questions and confusion,
along with thoughts and memory fusion,
with the art of some appreciation.

So that wasn’t all I could have said,
giving myself conditions and limitations,
which could be beyond my own estimations,
because life is not a poem or a joke,
like a cup of coffee or coke.
It is like a discovery channel, with hundreds and thousands of panels,
each meant for each individual,
performing his or her rituals.
In other words life is a lesson and you learn it when your through.
You can’t hide and you can’t let it screw you.
You have to face it and have to be with the pace of it.
You have to stand on, have to hang on,
Have to live within it and have to be with it.

So I said to my friend,
don’t talk about ambition, because it is not any tradition.
It is not something to be followed,
in fact it is something to be swallowed.
It is like a game,
where the rules are not always same.
You have to confront it and then confound it.

So at the end of the day I made my confession.
With connection to my ambition,
I said “to be ambitious is my ambition.”

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