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Rookie (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

The Tree - Poem by Half Past

The Tree

once just an acorn on the ground many years ago
the smallest of acorns had a dream of a life not yet fulfilled
it wondered what possibilites lay before it
it took a time of pondering before it decided its course
acorn decided i will plant myself firmly in this ground
i will grow
i will stand here for all to witness
i will be the best tree i can be
and with that the acorn put into action its lifes work
slowly over time the acorn took its roots
it burrowed down deep because acorn wanted to be strong
deeper and deeper acorn went building a strong foundation
once the work was done acorn was ready to greet the world
popping its tiny limbs up into the air
hello it cried out into the distance
look at me
i am here
yet no one was around
yet still acorn cried out
look at me
look at me
i am here
nothing but the wind could be heard
so acorn thought i must not be big enough
acorn said well the next step in becoming a tree is to develop
more time passed and acorn slowly grew
sucking in the water deeply
soaking up the suns rays
soon acorn had changed although still small acorn had become a young sapling
now young sapling decided it is time
i will greet the world anew
and young sapling cried out again
hello everyone
i have arrived
yet no response was given
young sapling didn't understand
so he continued with the plan
i will continue to grow and grow and grow
i will turn into a glorious oak tree and people will notice me
countless years went by and young sapling grew
through harsh winters and summer droughts
through the whipping winds and forest fires
sapling dealt with the hardships as best as sapling could
sapling continued to stand
growing little by little
sapling slowly but surely reached out into the world
limbs grew strong with a stout trunk
a glorious halo of foliage capped his crown
amazingly beautiful and powerful sapling had grown
sapling knew without a doubt
that sapling was the most magnificant tree in the land
sapling was a true oak tree
and now knowing oak tree was what sapling was
oak tree was ready again to call out to the world
good day world
i am here
again oak tree cried out
hello friends i am here
oak tree couldnt understand
i have stood here many a year
i have grown and matured to become what all can witness
i am oak tree
yet no one notices me
slowly oak tree went silent and withdrew from the world
oak trees beautiful leaves turned brown
the roots became withered and weak
oak trees branches went crooked and many fell to the earth
now many a forest animal started noticing that their favorite tree
was slowly dying
many worried about their own fate
if oak tree perishes where will we find shelter from the ravaging storms
or where will we find shade in the summer heat
who will we hide behind when the hunters come again
how will we build nests for our families if oak tree goes away
after years of taking for granted the great oak of the forest
they all realized how important oak tree was to them
all creatures big and small had decided what to do
on the next morning all the creatures of the forest went to oak tree
and when oak tree awoke to gather the suns rays
oak tree was surprised at what was around
curled up against oaks trunk and through oaks limbs
all sort of of living forest critter was there
oak tree felt their warmth against bark
oak tree felt the tiptoe of little legs on branches
slowly and afraid oak tree asked
hello i am oak tree
can you here me
in unison came a thunderous response
we here you oak tree!
and we thank you for your gifts! !
oak tree shook with laughter and joy
many years went by and oak tree stood firm
oak tree grew out those withered limbs and planted roots deep again
oak tree watched and guarded over the forest with renewed vigor
many a moon and sun have passed yet oak tree remains
always there if you listen
you can here oak tree call out
i am here my friends

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